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This site was developed to showcase exactly what we are and nothing more. Notice in our list of core competencies we don't have web design listed. We'd rather be completely up front with our customers: we outsource all design work to our close-nit group of talented partners. What we excel at is taking those designs and - with careful attention to your either established brand or approved design - build an incredibly scalable, visible and accessible web presence.


The design of the site reflects that precisely: there's not much going on here other than a background image and the logo. We reached out to Double9 Creative to help us establish our identity based off the name Spartan Interactive and our mission statement. He nailed the logo and color palette and cut us loose to take it from there. Outside of what he provided, what you are looking at is the extent of our design capabilities: a few borders and shades of gray.


The pop up "tool tips" and the drop down content windows you see when you make use of the iconic navigation is all hand-coded from scratch. It is a bit ambitious and doesn't work as smoothly in all browsers as it does in FireFox. FireFox is a web developer's best friend as frequent updates come out to keep the Internet browser compatible with today's latest techniques and technologies. Microsoft releases a new browser (Internet Explorer 6-8) only every so often and upon release becomes immediately outdated. If websites are to make use of the newest technologies, they must be viewed in a most current browser. We strongly encourage all users to switch to FireFox for an optimal web browsing experience.


We wanted our website to do two things: tell our readers what we are and tell them what we are not. We felt and you should feel like you don't have to put every detail surrounding your company on your website. Otherwise, what questions could they still have that would get them to fill out a contact form or pick up the phone and pursue your services? Web content should tell them just enough to pique their interest and follow a structure that works for your website. We feel that we've achieved that here.

Content Structure

There are two ways for you to reach our content: use the standard navigation at the top of the page for a more traditional experience or use the icons in the center of the page for a different front-end experience. What's cool about the content is that only one file generates content for both the About page and the About homepage drop down. Only one file is updated but through effective use of CSS the two pages look completely different.

Search Engine Optimization

Because our entire site's content is pulled into the homepage search engines have to do minimal crawling. Content is set up in a very simple fashion: main headline, sub headline, paragraph of text. Search engines love this stuff and the code is meticulously hand-written to make everything extremely visible to search engines. So we've optimized our site for search engines but how come we aren't showing up in search engines results for "websites, ct"? Well that would be achieved through Search Engine Marketing which is not a core competency of ours. Boost your page rank in Google (for instance) by having numerous high quality links to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

It's our opinion that you just can't fool these search engines such as Google. Google presents to its users based on how valuable they interpret the sites' information to their users. Through Google's page rank algorithms it judges if people think your website is cool, useful, informative, etc. If there is buzz out there relative to your website, Google knows it and you are rewarded. Do us a favor - go BLOG about how cool you think our website is (and include a link). Read more in this article by John O'Nolan - it does a great job of explaining this further.