From content management to e-commerce applications to contact forms, the all of our products are built with the same evolving platforms. It's only your specific configuration that makes your implementation unique. As each of our products evolve you will be notified about the low-cost upgrades that are available for your consideration. Without this evolution, our technology offerings as well as your site become obsolete. Rather than consider our business partners as part of a "client list" we consider you to be a valuable and diverse network of professionals able to refine and hone our offerings for the common good of the entire network.

Zeus: King of the gods

Just as Zeus had ultimate control over the other Greek gods, so too can you establish control over your site's content with this powerful Content Management System (CMS). With Zeus, whether you are updating your contact information or building out an entire new section of content, you've got the power to do so instantaneously without incurring any maintenance costs. We don't claim to have thought of every content management need that may ever be requested but we've built Zeus to be completely scalable. When a business partner proposes a new need, it can be built into every implementation and all generations of Zeus benefit from the product's evolution.

Hermes: god of commerce

In ancient Greece, Hermes was revered as the God of flight, the god of travel as well as the patron of commerce. Today, Spartan Interactive's e-commerce product can shorten your business' journey towards offering your customers an online marketplace. Quickly cut overhead and offer your product for sale 24 hours a day, seven days a week by contracting Spartan to customize this powerful e-commerce platform to suit your needs. Each implementation can be reactively upgraded when our business partners contribute ideas and best business practices for Spartan's consideration.

Artemis: goddess of the hunt

One of the most basic features of any website today is the lead generation form. You should not be charged for a technology as basic as simple as a contact form so we've built Artemis. Known to be the goddess of the hunt, Artemis allows Spartan to run all contact forms off of the same technology. Your configuration may notify you of a business lead by way of an email while that of another business partner may store the information for their review at a later date. No matter the specification, Artemis can be configured to make sure it is the proper fit for your business.