Ancient Spartan warriors were known to be part of the most disciplined, well-trained and feared forces in world history. Laconic in nature, Spartans were known for their quick, effective, if not witty style of communication. Citizens of ancient Sparta were passionately devoted to the common good of their society as a whole and decisions at the governing level were always made to benefit the entire city-state.

Similarly, Spartan Interactive is built from a highly disciplined, well-trained group if IT professionals that are passionate about helping you effectively communicate with your target audience. Further, we pride ourselves on decision making that benefits our entire network of partners and clients in everything from the business we take on to the adoption of best practices.

Think of us as your digital phalanx. You've made the decision to wage war on the web and you know what strategies you want to employ. You just need the right battalion to carry out your will with respect to web design, development and general IT support.

You need Spartan Interactive.


At Spartan Interactive, we don't know your business better than you do and never would we claim otherwise. You simply need a communication tool to reach your target audience via the fastest growing medium today. We've been doing just that for years in roles of both client and agency. We've come to understand when two companies will be able to work well together and when they are lining themselves up for disaster. We take pride in seeking out only mutually beneficial relationships and challenges that test our abilities while not affecting your budget.


We've worked in many different roles as both client and agency across companies ranging from International corporations to local businesses to Mom & Pop shops. We've brought our voices and the voices of our clients to life on in the Internet by contributing as:

  • Business Developers
  • Marketers
  • Custom Application Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Project Managers

Expert in our individual roles, there's no hat that we can't wear en route to furthering the online communication goals of our clients.

Relationship Management

Of course the first question is: are we truly the agency that's going to fit your unique set of needs? Like the warriors or ancient Sparta, we feel that there is no challenge we can't meet. Unlike the Spartans however, we know when we are out-matched and when to recommend an agency that may better suit your needs.

We've seen what happens when an agency claims they are something they only dream of becoming. These promises and hopes end only in misplaced budget, missed deadlines and missing revenue for both parties. We pride ourselves in knowing just what we are and don't claim to be anything more. We want to build communication tools for companies and departments of all sizes that have an understanding of the web and its power. We won't propose to know exactly how to lead your business towards growth: that's your job. But when your strategy calls for tactics that touch the Internet: we can help.

New Challenges

Just because we can recognize when both partners are in for a sweet deal doesn't mean we're looking to stay in a comfort zone. We're taking on and meeting new challenges in this every-changing industry every day. We're hungry to build our skill sets so there's no opportunity we can't pursue but we know the difference between an exciting challenge and an exciting pipe dream.


At Spartan Interactive, we service clients of all sizes from International corporations to Mom & Pop shops to Mom & Pop themselves. Our skill sets encompass everything from IT infrastructure strategies to building your company's first web presence to discretely flushing your home PC of adware and viruses. We're excited to meet your unique needs pertaining to any of the following areas of expertise.

Domain Management

You give us the name, we give you the domain. Our experienced team can help you secure a perfect domain name for your company. You can then chose to let us manage everything for you, or we can set up a control panel, from which you can be the master of - well - your own domain.

Website Hosting

We have invested heavily in the latest technologies to ensure we have a website hosting solution that is right for your business; let us evaluate your needs and configure your optimal and scalable solution. Smaller companies that expect a moderate level of site traffic may find a shared hosting environment adequate while e-commerce sites commanding hundreds of visitors per day may find a dedicated hosting environment to suit their needs.

Our hosting advantage: Technology changes all the time, our ability to host your website uninterrupted does not. When we upgrade our hosting platforms, we also upgrade the technology that drives your website to ensure 100% compatibility. This lets you avoid the nightmare scenario of a "migration fee" simply to allow you to keep your business running.

Email Hosting

Spartan email hosting provides the ultimate in flexibility for your business. It is unique in that we can offer your business both traditional email hosting and Exchange services on the same domain name. Traditional email hosting - our most popular option - gives you POP/IMAP access, as well as a customizable web portal to access email on the run. It includes easy-to-manage, world class spam/virus protection on our end, so you can simply focus on your work and let us do the rest. Microsoft Exchange is the global leader for business class email. It goes beyond traditional email hosting, allowing you to manage and share your Outlook calendar with your colleagues.

Our advantage: We give you direct access to industry experts, without the need to wait in line to speak with a trainee, at a call center overseas. We love our email hosting products, and rely on them for our own needs. Turnaround time for initial setup can be measured in hours and not days.

Website Updates

Your site's content is always in flux. Depend on Spartan Interactive to keep your content updated even if you didn't count on us to originally develop your web presence. There is no site that we cannot work with to handle changes as simple as updating your company's fax number or projects as large as building an additional page to announce the launch of a new product. Having policed brand standards for all of ESPN and Disney's cable and high speed data products, Spartan will certainly get your site updated with the utmost respect for the brand that you've worked so hard to develop.

Website Maintenance

Having entered the world of Internet marketing, you must understand that a successful web presence is an ongoing investment that needs to be nurtured over its lifespan. Think of your web site as if it were a car. At times your car needs maintenance work to stay on the road and at points, you know when to throw in the towel on that lemon. Similarly, any web site built even as few as three years ago could be officially obsolete. Tune-ups can keep you current to an extent but soon you'll need to start fresh in this ever-evolving industry. Count on Spartan as a knowledge source when it comes to keeping your existing site current or creating an industry leading web site from scratch.

Web Development

By incorporating breathtaking designs with standards-compliant HTML, DHTML and CSS, Spartan can make your business more visible to your target audience and search engines alike. If only the plethora of Internet browsers is a good indication of how quickly (and at times, out of control) the IT industry can grow, it's clear you need a partner that is focused on today's best practices including:

  • Hand coded XHTML/CSS
  • Cross browser
  • W3C compliance
  • Search engine optimization
  • Fully semantic markup

Whether you haven't yet had any experience in using the Internet to market your business or it's now time to hit the reset button on your existing site: Spartan Interactive is a current, knowledgeable and powerful ally.


From content management to e-commerce applications to contact forms, the all of our products are built with the same evolving platforms. It's only your specific configuration that makes your implementation unique. As each of our products evolve you will be notified about the low-cost upgrades that are available for your consideration. Without this evolution, our technology offerings as well as your site become obsolete. Rather than consider our business partners as part of a "client list" we consider you to be a valuable and diverse network of professionals able to refine and hone our offerings for the common good of the entire network.

Zeus: King of the gods

Just as Zeus had ultimate control over the other Greek gods, so too can you establish control over your site's content with this powerful Content Management System (CMS). With Zeus, whether you are updating your contact information or building out an entire new section of content, you've got the power to do so instantaneously without incurring any maintenance costs. We don't claim to have thought of every content management need that may ever be requested but we've built Zeus to be completely scalable. When a business partner proposes a new need, it can be built into every implementation and all generations of Zeus benefit from the product's evolution.

Hermes: god of commerce

In ancient Greece, Hermes was revered as the God of flight, the god of travel as well as the patron of commerce. Today, Spartan Interactive's e-commerce product can shorten your business' journey towards offering your customers an online marketplace. Quickly cut overhead and offer your product for sale 24 hours a day, seven days a week by contracting Spartan to customize this powerful e-commerce platform to suit your needs. Each implementation can be reactively upgraded when our business partners contribute ideas and best business practices for Spartan's consideration.

Artemis: goddess of the hunt

One of the most basic features of any website today is the lead generation form. You should not be charged for a technology as basic as simple as a contact form so we've built Artemis. Known to be the goddess of the hunt, Artemis allows Spartan to run all contact forms off of the same technology. Your configuration may notify you of a business lead by way of an email while that of another business partner may store the information for their review at a later date. No matter the specification, Artemis can be configured to make sure it is the proper fit for your business.


Most of the projects that we've had an opportunity to work on have been either by way of full-time employment or as consultants at Worx Branding & Advertising. At Worx, we were privileged to work with some of the most talented designers in the northeast and beyond. We've been proud to let their creative minds run free with the guarantee: there's nothing you can dream up that we can't build for the web. Most of the pieces you see here are a credit to Worx relative to Design and Project Management with the understanding that members of Spartan Interactive Solutions were ultimately responsible for bringing their visions to the web.

Pez Corporate Site

Provided the valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for the entire site as well as integration with the PHP-based Content Management System. Further, we stepped into a role of project management from the time of creative approval through project completion. Highlights include:

  • Optimized sprite-based image rollovers
  • Search field value manipulation
  • Three level persistent accordion menu

The Worx Group

Worx Branding & Advertising

Provided the valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for entire site while following specific creative direction that mandated agressive use of jQuery functionality. All JavaScript is hand written (as opposed to plugins) for easier integration with WORX's proprietary content management system. Highlights include:

  • Custom homepage carousel
  • Seven individually unique "About" accordion shades
  • Four individually unique "Contact" accordion shades
  • Portfolio drop downs, filter by type, custom carousel

Crystal Rock | Cool Beans Coffee

Crystal Rock | I Want Cool Beans

Provided the valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for this landing page. We wanted to have a little fun with the artwork so added in some animation on the coffee cup as well as developed a creative use of front-end form validation.

Crystal Rock | Cool Beans Coffee

Crystal Rock | Cool Hard Facts

Provided the valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for this landing page as well as implemented a few tricks we've already seen before. Highlights include:

  • Custom built accordion menu
  • "Apple" slider to display 22 roast types
  • Front-end form validation
  • Email address field value manipulation

Ski Sundown

Ski Sundown

Provided the valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for homepage and internal page template. Internal templates make use of scalable CSS and JavaScript to promote easy static content load and potential integration with content management system. Highlights include:

  • Custom built multi-level main navigation
  • Internal page tab system
  • Email address field value manipulation

Ski Sundown | My Kind of Mountain

Ski Sundown | My Kind of Mountain

Provided the valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for landingpage while following specific creative direction that mandated agressive use of jQuery functionality. Built in a scalable fashion to support 100% dynamic content pulling from content management system(s) and social media. JavaScripting is largely plug-in based.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my site benefit from hand coded XHTML/CSS?

We believe every website deserves to be hand coded from scratch. Using a visual editor (as opposed to hand coding) or using a template only leads to clutter. Unnecessary code resulting from anything but an original hand coded site will result in poor search engine performance and difficult/costly maintenance down the road.

What is cross browser compatibility?

There are dozens of Internet browser available from Internet Explorer 6 (and below) to the latest issue of Firefox. Any developer will beg you to consider upgrading to Firefox as it supports today's most recent advances in web developer via automatic updates. Contrarily, Internet Explorer only offers issues every few years that become increasingly dated as IT continues to evolve. What displays perfectly in Internet Explorer 7 may look completely different and/or broken in its predecessor Internet Explorer 6...unless, of course, Spartan built your web site.

What is W3C compliance?

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has provided guidelines by which websites and web pages should be structured and created. The rules they outline are based on the "best practices" and while websites don't have to comply to be viewed correctly, there are many benefits to making sure your site complies including search engine visibility, accessibility for disabled site viewers and proper rendering across mediums other than the web (i.e. mobile devices).

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a term used to describe how visible your website is to search engines SEO is an ever-evolving science that keeps pace with Google and Yahoo! As they continue to develop their search algorithms. A website that is built to be as optimized for search engines as possible does - in no way - guarantee your site to be high amongst your desired search results. There are many other factors that play into your page rank including linking strategies, Ad Words and general competition for your specific search terms.

How do I position my web site at the top of search engine results?

Getting your web site at the top of your desired search terms' query results is a huge challenge. If your site is built with SEO best practices in mind, you are off to a good start. Other tactics include linking strategies. A successful linking strategy will include links to your web site from other equally well built web sites. Think of it this way: if dozens or hundreds of people out there think your site's content is valuable enough to tell their audience about, so too will people searching Google for search terms found on your site. Other tactics include purchasing premium placement within search engine results such as Google AdWords.

How do Google AdWords and similar programs work?

You may also consider purchasing premium search engine result placement via a service such as Google AdWords. Search Google for something common; let's go with "Honda, CT". You'll see search results at the top that are placed against a faint background color. These organizations are at the top of your search results because they have established a bucket of money in their Google AdWords account and have "bid" on the specific search terms that you just entered. If Honda's official site came before a local dealership, it's because Google is taking more money out of Honda's bucket each time their link is clicked than that of the local dealership's bucket.

What is fully semantic markup?

Semantic markup is a difficult concept even for experienced developers to understand. One way to describe it would be that a site featuring fully semantic markup displays your site's data in a manner that can be easily comprehended by your site visitors if it were void of any design elements. For instance, a browser wants to naturally render a headline in a certain way, a paragraph of text in a certain way and a list item in a certain way. It's your design and layout that changes this black and white rendering into something beautiful. Usability is enhanced and maintenance is a snap when you keep all design elements (such as CSS and JavaScript) separate from your HTML data.

What is the benefit of using CSS-based, table-less layouts?

Tables are relatively inflexible HTML elements that do have their place in today's websites. When your page content contains "tabular data" (think of an Excel worksheet), tables are appropriately used. Web page layouts should always be built with CSS telling the HTML how to appear as opposed to a table-based layout. Table-based layouts add clutter to HTML page making it more difficult for search engines to view your content and making maintenance much more difficult/costly.

Are there advantages to using Flash on my site?

While there is certainly more than one school of thought on how Flash can fit into your website, Spartan is of the mind that it should be used sparingly. It should contribute to a user experience as opposed to having your user experience be based entirely on Flash. Flash cannot be indexed by search engines so any content that is contained within the Flash won't be featured in search results. Furthermore, you can't easily navigate to any are of your Flash-based website. Rather than giving your audience a specific URL in which they are interested, you would have to tell them to go to your web site, click here, click there, etc. Flash should be used as an element within your HTML-based site that brings intricate animations or movies to life.


All of my business is word of mouth; just give me a call.